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The SECURHOME project aims to develop and validate a non-invasive device that through the daily behavior of a person can detect, using artificial intelligence techniques, if there’s a risk or not through their daily activity at home analyzing their movement, sound, temperature, use of the television, etc., collecting this data from a non-invasive device and through the use of different artificial intelligence techniques the system will be able to learn the behaviors and the possible variations that may occur. This way it will adapt to the user’s lifestyle and thus prevent any eventuality.

Once the device detects any eventuality, it will send alerts to previously configured family members and to the nearest health care center, in this way an agile and strategic method of attention will be achieved for the affected tenant, thus avoiding having to resort to some type of direct communication for your alert. Also, the system will be highly configurable, allowing for days of absence, presence of pets, type of notification to relatives, health center to be notified, etc. In this way it is considered that for this project the main objective will be to help elderly people, providing them with greater independence and security in their home.

Once the device is developed, two field studies will be carried out to validate the system and evaluate the acceptance of it by users while making a legal analysis of the implications that storage and analysis of personal data by systems may have on artificial intelligence.

The DigiMedia team will be involved with major responsibilities in the project related to the mobile application in charge of domestic interaction through the television.


January 2019 – June 2020


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid | Universidade de Vigo | Universidade de Lisboa | DigiMedia



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